Architectural AutoCAD Details

CAD Details for Download

Abbreviations Architectural abbreviations common to the industry.
APA Wall Sheathing Isometric wall sheathing detail.
Ballustrade Install Installation details for a typical ballustrade.
Beam Pocket Typical beam pocket detail (Isometric view).
Brick Veneer Wall @ Slab Birck veneer wall a concrete slab detail.
Construction Details 1 Typical construction details.
Construction Details 2 Typical construction details.
Curtain Wall Details 1 Typical curtain wall details.
Curtain Wall Details 2 Typical curtain wall details.
Deciduous Tree Detail Typical deciduous tree installation detail.
Deck Framing Details Deck framing details.
Dock Door Elevation Dock door elevation.
Dock Door Header Detail (Section) Section through a dock door header.
Door Details Door details.
Door Jamb Details Door jamb details.
Drywall Ceiling 1 Drywall grid interface of main beam and cross tee.
Drywall Ceiling 2 Main beam and cross tee interface @ drywall cross tee connection.
Drywall Ceiling 3 Cut and bend application @ drywall cross tee connection.
Drywall Ceiling 4 Drywall cross tee end tab.
Drywall Ceiling 5 Drywall grid and gypsum interface.
Drywall Ceiling 6 Drywall grin main beam fire relief.
Drywall Ceiling 7 Drywall grid system and angle moulding with channel moulding.
Fan Curb Detail Mechanical fan curb detail.
Floor Base Detail Floor base detail.
Flooring Details Typical flooring details.
Footing to Foundation Wall Detail Footing to foundation wall detail.
Foundation Checklist Foundation checklist.
Foundation Details Typical foundation details.
Foundation Wall Detail 1 Foundation wall detail 1.
Foundation Wall Detail 2 Foundation wall detail 2.
Foundation Wall Detail 3 Foundation wall detail 3.
FR Partition @ Deck Fire rated wall assembly at steel deck detail.
Framing Details Typical framing details.
General Notes Examples of typical general notes.
Glass Block Detail Typical glass block detail.
Gooseneck Duct Curb Detail Gooseneck duct curb detail.
Ground Floor Slab Detail of ground floor concrete slab.
Handrail Detail @ Stringer Handrail detail at stringer.
Handrail Detail @ Wall Handrail detail at wall.
Hardiplank Details Hardiplank details
H/C Vanity Detail 1 Handicapped vainty detail.
H/C Vanity Detail 2 Handicapped vainty detail.
H/C Washroom Details Handicapped washroom details.
Header Details Header details.
Hold Down Tie Typical hold down tie between floors.
House Section Typical house section.
HVAC & ERV Unit Curb Detail HVAC and ERV unit curb detail.
ICP Foundation Wall @ Garage Insulated concrete form foundation wall at garage.
ICP Foundation Wall Detail Insulated concrete form foundation wall detail.
Inside Corner Wall Inside corner wall framing detail.
Joist & Rafter Blocking Joist and rafter beam blocking detail.
Joist Beam Connection Joist to beam connection detail.
Loading Dock Door Detail (Plan View) Plan view detail of loading dock door.
Masonry Wall Section W/ Window Concrete block wall section at window.
Outside Corner Wall Inside corner wall framing detail.
Precast Concrete Slab Detail Isometric detail of precast concrete slab detail.
Rafter Tie Rafter tie to top plate detail.
Ridge Eave & Parapet Details Ridge eave and parapet details.
Roof & Wall Section Details Roof and wall section details.
Roof Drain Detail Roof drain detail.
Roof Hatch Curb Detail Roof hatch curb detail.
Roof Overhang Details Typical roof overhang details.
Roof Ridge Typical Roof ridge detail.
Roof to Wall Detail Roof to wall detail.
Shearwall Anchor Structural shearwall anchor detail.
Sign Library Library of road signs.
Stair @ Landing Detail Stair detail at landing.
Stair Detail (Concrete & Pan) Stair detail of concrete and pan stairs.
Stair Detail (Grating) Stair detail of grating stairs.
Stair Detail (Plate) Stair detail of plate stairs.
Stair Details Typical stair details.
Standard Ballusters Typical standard ballusters.
Standard Residential Deck Detail Standard residential deck details.
Suspended Ceiling Drywall ceiling details 1-7 and "Typ. Ceiling Grid" detail in one drawing file.
Tie Joist @ Existing Block (No Parapet) Tie joist detail at existing concrete block without parapet above.
Tie Joist @ Existing Block Detail Tie joist detail at existing block wall.
Tie Joist @ Existing Block Wall (Deck Over) Tie joist detail at existing block wall with deck running over.
Tie Joist @ Existing Block Wall Tie joist detail at existing block wall.
Tie Joist @ Exterior Column Tie joist detail at exterior column.
Tie Joist @ Interior Column Tie joist detail at interior column.
TJI Joist Roof Application TJI joist detail for a roof application.
Top of Wall Detail Top of concrete block wall detail.
Tread Riser Detail @ Floor Tread riser detail at floor.
Truss Connection Structural truss connection details.
Typ. Ceiling Grid Typical Drywall ceiling grid detail.
Typical Brick Stud Wall (Iso) Typical brick stud wall in an isometric view.
Typical Wall Detail 1 Typical 2 storey brick stud wall section.
Typical Wall Detail 2 Typical single story brick stud wall through window.
UL HW D 0042 Underwriter's Laboratory HW D 0042 wall.
UL WL4011 Underwriter's Laboratory WL4011 wall.
UL WL8013 Underwriter's Laboratory WL8013 wall.
ULC W605 Underwriter's Laboratory of Canada W605 wall.
ULC W606 Underwriter's Laboratory of Canada W606 wall.
Underlayment Detail Typical underlayment detail.
Universal Sect. 1 Some typical steel beam sections. (For a LISP Routine that has all of these sections and more see Steel.rar on our LISP Routines page)
Universal Sect. 2 Some typical steel column sections. (For a LISP Routine that has all of these sections and more see Steel.rar on our LISP Routines page).
Wall Footing Section Typical wall footing section.
Window Sill Detail Typical window sill detail.