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Architectural Blocks
Mechanical Blocks
Drawing Name
Bolts Hex Finished.dwg Bolts hex finished.
Bolts Hex Head.dwg Bolts hex head.
Bolts Square Head.dwg Bolts square head.
Exterior Retaining Rings 4 to 27.dwg Exterior retaining rings 4 to 27.
Exterior Retaining Rings 28 to 70.dwg Exterior retaining rings 28 to 70.
Exterior Retaining Rings 72 to 100.dwg Exterior retaining rings 72 to 100.
Exterior Retaining Rings Type E.dwg Exterior retaining rings type 'E'.
Holes Clearance.dwg Holes clearance.
Holes Counterbore.dwg Holes counterbore.
Holes Countersunk.dwg Holes countersunk.
Holes Threaded.dwg Holes threaded.
Interior Retaining Rings 8 to 34.dwg Interior retaining rings 8 to 34.
Interior Retaining Rings 35 to 78.dwg Interior retaining rings 35 to 78.
Interior Retaining Rings 80 to 165.dwg Interior retaining rings 80 to 165.
Interior Retaining Rings 170 to 250.dwg Interior retaining rings 170 to 250.
Metric Bolts Hex Flange.dwg Metric bolts hex flange.
Metric Bolts Hex Head.dwg Metric bolts hex head.
Metric Bolts Hex Socket.dwg Metric bolts hex socket.
Metric Bolts Square Neck.dwg Metric bolts square neck.
Metric Holes Clearance.dwg Metric holes clearance.
Metric Holes Counterbore.dwg Metric holes counterbore.
Metric Holes Countersunk.dwg Metric holes countersunk.
Metric Holes Tapped.dwg Metric holes tapped.
Metric Nuts Hex Flange.dwg Metric nuts hex flange.
Metric Nuts Hex Jam.dwg Metric nuts hex jam.
Metric Nuts Hex Slotted.dwg Metric nuts hex slotted.
Metric Nuts Hex.dwg Metric nuts hex.
Metric Screws Flat Cross Point.dwg Metric screws flat cross point.
Metric Screws Flat Slotted.dwg Metric screws flat slotted.
Metric Screws Oval Cross Point.dwg Metric screws oval cross point.
Metric Screws Oval Slotted.dwg Metric screws oval slotted.
Metric Screws Pan Cross Point.dwg Metric screws pan cross point.
Metric Screws Pan Slotted.dwg Metric screws pan slotted.
Metric Washers Narrow.dwg Metric washers narrow.
Metric Washers Standard.dwg Metric washers standard.
Metric Washers Wide.dwg Metric washers wide.
Nuts Hex Flange.dwg Nuts hex flange.
Nuts Hex Flat.dwg Nuts hex flat.
Nuts Hex Jam.dwg Nuts hex jam.
Nuts Hex Slot.dwg Nuts hex slot.
Nuts Hex.dwg Nuts hex.
Nuts Low Crown.dwg Nuts low crown.
Nuts Square.dwg Nuts square.
Rivets Chipped Head Countersunk.dwg Rivets chipped hear countersunk.
Rivets Countersunk.dwg Rivets countersunk.
Rivets Full Head.dwg Rivets full head.
Screws FH Cross Point.dwg Screws FH cross point.
Screws Flat Head Slotted.dwg Screws flat head slotted.
Screws Hex Head Cap.dwg Screws hex head cap.
Screws Hex Spine Head Cap.dwg Screws hex spine head cap.
Screws Hex Washer Head Machine.dwg Screws hex washer head machine.
Screws Oval Head Slotted.dwg Screws oval head slotted.
Screws Pan Head Slotted.dwg Screws pan head slotted.
Screws Round Head Slotted.dwg Screws round head slotted.
Screws Slotted Binding Head Machine.dwg Screws slotted binding head machine.
Screws Slotted Fillister Head Machine.dwg Screws slotted fillister head machine.
Screws Socket Button Head Cap.dwg Screws socket button head cap.
Screws Socket Flathead Countersunk Cap.dwg Screws socket flathead countersunk cap.
Screws Socket Set Cone Point.dwg Screws socket set cone point.
Screws Socket Set Cup Point.dwg Screws socket set cup point.
Screws Socket Set Dog Point.dwg Screws sockets set dog point.
Screws Socket Set Flat Point.dwg Screws socket set flat point.
Screws Socket Set Oval Point.dwg Screws socket set oval point.
Spacers.dwg Spacers.
Washers Standard Narrow.dwg Washers standard narrow.
Washers Standard.dwg Washers standard.