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Drawing Name
Bars 1/16x1/16 to 1x13/18.dwg Bars 1/16"x1/16" to 1x13/18".
Bars 1x3/4 to 2x5/16.dwg Bars 1x3/4" to 2x5/16".
Bars 2-3/4x1 to 3-3/4x1/2.dwg Bars 2-3/4" to 3-3/4"x1/2".
Bars 2x3/8 to 2-3/4x15/16.dwg Bars 2x3/8" to 2-3/4"x15/16".
Bars 3-3/4x9/16 to 4-9/16x4-9/16.dwg Bars 3-3/4"x9/16" to 4-9/16"x4-9/16".
Bars 4-5/8x4-5/8 to 5-1/2x5/8.dwg Bars 4-5/8"x4-5/8" to 5-1/2"x5/8".
Bars 5-1/2x11/16 to 6-7/16x6-7/16.dwg Bars 5-1/2"x11/16" to 6-7/16"x6-7/16".
Bars 6-1/2x3/16 to 7-1/4x13/18.dwg Bars 6-1/2"x3/16" to 7-1/4"x13/18".
Bars 7-1/4x3/4 to 8-15/16x8-15/16.dwg Bars 7-1/4"x3/4" to 8-15/16"x8-15/16".
Bars 8-3/8x8-3/8 to 9-11/16x9-11/16.dwg Bars 8-3/8"x8-3/8" to 9-11/16"x9-11/16".
Bars 9-3/4x9-3/4 to 11-1/8x11-1/8.dwg Bars 9-3/4"x9-3/4" to 11-1/8"x11-1/8".
Bars 11-3/16x11-3/16 to 12x12.dwg Bars 11-3/16"x11-3/16" to 12"x12".
Pipes 1/2x0d109 to 3-1/2x0d318.dwg Pipes 1/2"x0.109" to 3-1/2"x0.318".
Pipes 4x0d237 to 12x0d500.dwg Pipes 4"x0.237" to 12"x0.500".
Tubing 2x2x3/16 to 4x3x1/4.dwg Tubing 2"x2"x3/16" to 4"x3"x1/4".
Tubing 4x3x5/16 to 5x5x3/16.dwg Tubing 4"x3"x5/16" to 5"x5"x3/16".
Tubing 5x5x1/4 to 6x5x3/8.dwg Tubing 5"x5"x1/4" to 6"x5"x3/8".
Tubing 6x5x1/2 to 7x5x1/4.dwg Tubing 6"x5"x1/2" to 7"x5"x1/4".
Tubing 7x5x5/16 to 8x4x5/16.dwg Tubing 7"x5"x5/16" to 8"x4"x5/16".
Tubing 8x4x3/8 to 9x3x1/2.dwg Tubing 8"x4"x3/8" to 9"x3"x1/2".
Tubing 9x5x3/16 to 9x9x3/16.dwg Tubing 9"x5"x3/16" to 9"x9"x3/16".
Tubing 9x9x1/4 to 10x5x5/8.dwg Tubing 9"x9"x1/4" to 10"x5"x5/8".
Tubing 10x6x3/16 to 10x10x5/8.dwg Tubing 10"x6"x3/16" to 10"x10"x5/8".
Tubing 12x2x3/16 to 12x8x1/2.dwg Tubing 12"x2"x3/16" to 12"x8"x1/2".
Tubing 12x8x9/16 to 14x14x5/16.dwg Tubing 12"x8"x9/16" to 14"x14"x5/16".
Tubing 14x14x3/8 to 20x4x5/16.dwg Tubing 14"x14"x3/8" to 20"x4"x5/16".
Tubing 20x4x3/8 to 20x12x5/8.dwg Tubing 20"x4"x3/8" to 20"x12"x5/8".