Text Styles

Below is a list of text styles that I have compiled over the past 6 years of working in CAD. If they are of any use to you please feel free to click on the link to download them. (NOTE: You may need to right click and select "Save Target As")

Font Files for Download

@extfont2.shx Isocp3.shx
ArchD.shx Isoct.shx
ArchF.shx Isoct2.shx
Archfo.zip Isoct3.shx
Archisel.shx Italic.shx
ArchS.shx Italicc.shx
Arch-SS.shx Italict.shx
Archstyl04.shx kk.shx
Archstyl.shx Leroy.zip
ArchT.shx Lmnofont.zip
Arcwy1gp.zip Mfdemo.zip
Arfont.zip Mkfont.zip
Arfor.zip MLeroy.shx
Autofont.zip Monosimp.zip
B2p.zip Monotxt.shx
Bc39.zip Mroman.zip
Bfonts.zip Pfont.zip
Bigfont.shx Reverse.zip
Biglet.zip Rfonts.zip
Blockout.zip Romanc.shx
Cadfonts.zip Romand.shx
Cbfonts.zip Romans.zip
Cfonts.zip Romant.shx
Chisel.zip Screened.zip
Cocacola.zip Scriptc.shx
Data70.zip Scripts.shx
Ebefonts.zip Serpentine.ttf
E-Ffonts.zip Sfonts.zip
ES.zip Shadow.zip
Fad109.zip Shx2shp4.zip
Fntgen.zip Simplex.shx
Font10.zip Smarttxt.zip
Font101.zip Solid.zip
Fortra.zip Special.shx
Frac.zip Stencil.zip
Fracti.zip Subsubs.zip
Gbcbig.shx Syastro.shx
Gfonts.zip Symap.shx
Gothicg.shx Symath.shx
Greekc.shx Symeteo.shx
Greeks.shx Symusic.shx
Handlet.zip Tfonts.zip
Handtxt.zip Txt2blk.zip
Heb-font.zip Txt.shx
Hfonts.zip Vertical.shx
Hrsh2acd.zip Visfont.zip
HVsolid.zip Xshp.zip