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Text Styles

Below is a list of text styles that I have compiled over the past 6 years of working in CAD. If they are of any use to you please feel free to click on the link to download them. (NOTE: You may need to right click and select "Save Target As")

Font Files for Download

@extfont2.shx Isocp3.shx
ArchD.shx Isoct.shx
ArchF.shx Isoct2.shx Isoct3.shx
Archisel.shx Italic.shx
ArchS.shx Italicc.shx
Arch-SS.shx Italict.shx
Archstyl04.shx kk.shx
ArchT.shx MLeroy.shx Monotxt.shx
Bigfont.shx Romanc.shx Romand.shx Romant.shx Scriptc.shx Scripts.shx Serpentine.ttf Simplex.shx Special.shx
Gbcbig.shx Syastro.shx Symap.shx
Gothicg.shx Symath.shx
Greekc.shx Symeteo.shx
Greeks.shx Symusic.shx Txt.shx Vertical.shx