These are free to download AutoCAD Blocks. These files has been saved in AutoCAD 2006. Our drafting details will be useful in any DWG compatible CAD software package. Have you tried BricsCAD, Chief Architect, DesignCAD 3D Max, DraftSight, LibreCAD, Microstation PowerDraft, nanoCAD,ProgeCAD, Sketchup, Solidworks, TurboCAD, Vectorworks and ZWCAD? Click on the link below to see an image preview of the file and to download the CAD block.
CAD Details

Bearings 387AS_382A to 390_394A

Bearings 495_492A to 663_652

Bearings 594_592 to 861_854

Bearings 663A_652 to 665_652

Bearings 665A_652 to 679_672

Bearings 744_742 to 755_752

Bearings 2780_2729 to 2788A_2735X

Bearings 2788A_2729X to 3490_3420

Bearings 3778_3732 to 552000_55437

Bearings 3979_3925 to 558A_553

Bearings 3984_3925 to H715341_H715311

Bearings 6576_6536 to 740_742

Bearings 11590_11520 to 19081_19196

Bearings 14116_14276 to 15125_15244

Bearings 14123A_14283 - HM89443_HM89410

Bearings 15101_15243 to 15106_15243

Bearings 15106_15245 to L45449_L45410

Bearings 15117_15243 to 15116_15250X

Bearings 15126_15244 to 14124_14283

Bearings 25577_25523 to 25580_25527

Bearings 25584_25519 to 25580_25527

Bearings 25878_25820 to 2780_2720

Bearings 26878_26820 to 24780_24721

Bearings 26882T_26823 to 53162_53375

Bearings 33281_33462 to 6460_6420

Bearings 43131_43312 to HM88649_HM88610

Bearings 48684_48620 to LM742745_LM742710

Bearings 721880_72487 to 387_382A

Bearings FAG Ball-B EE2 to LS12

Bearings FAG Ball-B LS17 to MS20

Bearings FAG Ball-B LS23 to MS25

Bearings FAG Ball-B LS27-1_2 to LS33

Bearings FAG Ball-B MS12 to XLS2-1_2

Bearings FAG Ball-B XLS3-3_4 to XLS5

Bearings FAG Ball-B XLS7-1_4 to XLS9-1_2

Bearings H715341_H715313W to 655_652

Bearings HH221434_HH221410 to 594A_592XS

Bearings HH221449_HH221410 to 938_930

Bearings HH224346_HH224310 to 48685_48620

Bearings HM212044HM212011HM212046HM212010

Bearings HM212046_HM212011 to 395S_394A

Bearings HM803149HM803110LM603049LM603011

Bearings HM903245_HM903210 - 25577_25520

Bearings LM12748_LM12710 - M84548_M84510

Bearings LM742749 to EE649240AS

Bearings M86649_M86610 to 15118_15250

Bearings RB SR Cyl LRJ 1_2 to MRJ 1-5_8

Bearings RB SR Cyl LRJ 6E to LRJ 10E

Bearings RB SR Cyl MRJ 2-3_4 to MRJ 4-1_4

Bearings RB SR Cyl XLRJ 1-3_4 to LRJ 2-3_4

Bearings RB SR Cyl XLRJ 4-3_4 to XLRJ 6E

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC A404-D412

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC A404-D412

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC A700-G708

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC A800-G900

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC A1000-G1100

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC A1200-C1400

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC AA100-G400

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC B1800-D2000

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC D1400-G1600

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC F412-G508

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC F2000-D3000

Bearings SKF Ball-B SR AC F3000 to G4000

Bearings Thrust BB 4TB031 to 20TB031

Bearings Thrust BB 20TB030 to 30TB030

Bearings Thrust BB 31TB030 to 36TB031

Bearings Thrust BB 36TB030 to 48TB031

Bearings Thrust BB 48TB030 to 60TB033

Bearings Thrust BB 62TB031 to 76TB033

Bearings Thrust BB 80TB031 to 144TB031

Bearings Thrust BB 144TB033 to 240TB033

Bearings Thrust BB 248TB033 to 320TB033

Cad Corner provides these blocks "as is" and with all faults. Cad Corner specifically disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. cad corner does not warrant that the use of these blocks will be to the users specifications or error free, the end user takes responsibility of editing the block to their local standards. use at your own risk.